Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Students enjoy European kayaking adventure

UCLan Outdoors students recently travelled to Europe to apply their academic learning in a 'real world' environment.

The group visited whitewater rivers in Slovenia and Germany to enhance their kayaking skills and gain a number of additional qualifications to boost their CVs.

Student Beth Wilson said the trip had provided the group with an invaluable insight into the outdoor environment.

"Our first alpine paddling experience was unreal," said Beth. "The scenery, the culture, the food, the crystal clear water and of course the kayaking. A week in Slovenia, finished off with two days in Germany, truly was amazing!"

The students paddled on three of Europe's most popular whitewater rivers, the Soča, Ammer and Rissbach, and also explored some of Slovenia's most iconic sights.

Beth added: "We not only did a vast amount of paddling, we were also able to enjoy the 'kayaking lifestyle', starting the day with coffee and finishing with ice cream - what could be better?

"We ventured into the Slovenian mountains to view the majestic Boka Waterfall, and spent a late afternoon rock jumping into the beautiful waters of the Soča.

"Our group also had the opportunity to gain qualifications whilst there, including whitewater safety and rescue training, and 3 star kayaking.

"The 36-hour minibus journey there and back was most definitely worthwhile - a return visit next year is definitely on the cards."

Please click here and here for video footage from the trip.

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