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Welcome to the Division of the Outdoors and the BA (Hons) Adventure Sports Coaching & BA (Hons) Outdoor Leadership and BA (Hons) Outdoor (Leadership) Blended Top-up courses.

The full-time programmes are three years in duration, with an option of extending this to four years by taking an internship. The Top-up course is part-time over two years, and delivered on weekends.

We hope you enjoy the content of our website and are encouraged to join us for a fantastic time doing the things you love - outdoors! NGB Qualifications are paid for by UCLan. Please click here for further details.

If you would like any further information please contact the course leaders:

BA (Hons) Adventure Sports Coaching: Paul Gray
BA (Hons) Outdoor Leadership: Allison Inkster
BA (Hons) Outdoor (Leadership) Blended Top-up: Rosemary Powell.

Students undertake a number of week-long residentials throughout the 1st and 2nd years of study, providing excellent opportunities to apply theoretical underpinnings within real outdoor/adventure experiences.

We are also proud of our stores facility at Valentine House, UCLan Sports Arena, Preston. Valentine House provides students with the opportunity to borrow high quality outdoor clothing and equipment as part of their personal and professional development.

With direct access onto the canal and acres of space within the grounds, this facility not only provides students with more accessible access to equipment, but will also allow academic staff to deliver practically themed lectures.


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A number of the UCLan Outdoor team presented at the Adventure Sports Coaching Conference at   Plas y Brenin earlier this year demonstrating the continuing participation of staff in industry

Presentations included:

Prof Dave Collins and Dr Loel Collins: Redesigning Training and Accreditation Systems in Adventure Sports Coaching
Dr Howie Carson and Chris Eastabrook: Adaptive Automaticity in Adventure Sport: Contemporary Views And implications
Sharon Rosser: Understanding successful aging through Nature Challenge Activities, insights from the older adult climbers, cavers and sea kayakers
Dr Paul Gray: Using Social Interaction to promote, All good coaching is individualised
Dr Helen Hooper, Rosemary Smith and Cath Wilson: Learning through sharing experiences: critical reflections of the experiences of three female outdoor instructors.
Abstracts can be found here 

Outdoor Learning – Gallery Event – Art displays

Tuesday 6th March 2018
The third year Outdoor students on the Outdoor Image module all presented their artwork and portfolios from a year of deep thinking and philosophising. The Gallery Event is the culmination of their learning journey guided by Clive Palmer who claims, amongst many things, “that education should be memorable, not forgettable”. What the students presented, and the way they presented it was professional and memorable for very positive reasons in [Outdoor] Education. The topics were as varied as the mediums used to create the artworks, for example, from our dependence on social media, devilish artificial intelligence, plastic poisoning in the oceans to poetry and plays that celebrate the joy of humanity. Social culture and aging and gender issues, animal rights and human rights, the freedom of the environment and the importance of the Outdoors for our very being. There were short stories, sculptures, speeches, creations in metal, paper-Mache, wood and clay, it was all…

1st year applied work at Plas y Brenin

1st year applied work at Plas y Brenin During their first year on the BAHons Outdoor Adventure Leadership course, students spent 5 weeks at Plas y Brenin the National Mountain Centre, in North Wales. The focus of the first week was to consider the core competencies used when operating in the outdoors, and in that first week we kayaked, spent time in a canoe, rock climbed and had a day on a mountain. Over the subsequent four weeks, each group spent one week focusing on each of these adventure sports.

Staying in the centre, the students also made good use of the climbing wall and rolling pool in the evenings, as well as attending talks from the staff at Plas y Brenin.

Here are some of the thoughts from 1st year students about their experiences at Plas y Brenin:

“The environment was incredible as it allowed so many options” “The instructors that work with us are really good… they have a high level of experience” “Plas y Brenin allowed me to have an outlook into a wider avenue for my dev…